What Exactly Call Drop is? Here’s, what happened.

Are you facing Call Drop?

There will definitely be a place in your office, house etc. where you face the issue of call dropping. Every person is frustrated with call drops happenings, no one seems able to something with it. The Department of Telecom blames the telecom operators; the operators point to the shortage of both spectrum and towers.

   Reasons for Call Dropping

  • Telecom tower is far away from your residence.
  • You’re living in a very congested resident.
  • However, the signal strength of one tower can go up to 72km., but practically sometimes its impossible because there are too many obstacles in its way.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Patna have far fewer towers that are needed. Civic authorities across the country have shut down a total of around 10,000 towers. Another 12,000 cannot be used due to various reasons.

Telecom companies are reluctant to share towers. This is because they are fixed investments by subsidiaries of telecom companies or by standalone companies for whom a sharing formula does not work.

Permission to erect a tower is given by the municipal body. No uniform standards or procedures exist here.

The setting up of boosters on buildings remains a contested area, and permission has to be obtained on a case-by-case basis. Things could improve if telecom connectivity were seen as being similar to water and power supply, and developers were to apply for a uniform set of permissions.

Are companies getting benefit from call drops?

Depends on the tariff plan. If it’s measured in seconds, the telecom company gains nothing — no matter how many times the connection snaps, billing resumes at the same rate. But if it is measured in minutes, or if the plan contains features such as a certain number of free calls in every billing cycle, call drops hurt the consumer.

Telecom firms claim 95 percent of tariff plans involve billing in seconds. Since call drops are the most common in high-congestion areas, interruptions tend to shorten the call and, to that extent, reduce the average revenue per user per minute. Since companies measure their performance on the basis of call drops too, it is risky for anyone to deliberately create conditions for drops, thus incentivizing porting to another operator.

What can the government do?

a) Offer more spectrum by releasing some from the defense services.

b) allow trading of a spectrum to reduce the cost of adding on to spectrum.

c) encourage states to follow uniform procedures on towers.

d) free up the roofs of government buildings to erect towers.

e) set up a nationally publicized database on call drops to force laggard companies to improve on their services.

Tips to understand signal strength in mobile phone

  • If we go to settings on our phone and in about section where we can see the signal strength.
  • If the signal strength goes 0 or 1,2 then your signal will be very strong.
  • If your signal strength goes -100 then signals will be very weak.
  • The lowers the number the stronger will be the signal.

So, now whenever you will face the signal weakness just go through your signal strength and find the best way out.

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