Want to Access 2 Accounts of your any Social Media Platforms.Here’s How

Access Two Accounts at same time either Whatsapp or Messenger or Anything

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Most people have just only one Fb.Instagram,Whatsapp accounts. But what if you are the rebel, for some reason. What if you want to access two accounts of same social media at same time. Is it Possible?? Yes!it is….

Here, a app named as “PARALLEL SPACE” in which you can log in to multiple accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device.You can make any account whether it is of any Social Media or related to any Game.All you need is good storage phone.Because this apps uses little bit high storage and RAM in compare to others.

So, if you need to prank your friends or want to irritate your colleagues.Just Download the App & start doing so.

However,this app is not illegal and this app having around 50Million Downloads on Play Store and also Verified by Google Play Protect.

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