Now Passport Won’t Work as Address Proof, Change in Colour

Ministry of External Affairs Said that “The new changes will not affect people holding old passports until the time they are valid”

Ministry of External Affairs clears that now new passport will not having the last page that contains individual’s residential address. So, now we can’t use that as address proof. And there is a change in color as well in the new passport that will be orange.

As the last page have information such the name of the father, mother, spouse, address, Emigration Check Required (ECR) and the old passport number.

As we know that Passports are issued in three colors – government officers and people who travel to other countries for the Centre carry white passports, diplomats carry red ones and all others carry blue ones.

The regular blue passports have two categories – one where emigration checks are required and the other where they are not. since this page stops printing, the ministry will make the passports of those in the emigration checks category orange.

New Passport Manufacturing to be done in Nasik Indian  Security Press.

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