Here, How you can make calls even in Airplane Mode??

                                         Is it Possible to make a call in airplane mode??

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We are using Smartphones since many years but many of the things we don’t know yet, that what types of things a phone can do which is unknown and proved to be awesome .You heard it right you can make a call even in airplane mode. Just by putting a USSD code. Here’s How.

  1. Put phone on airplane mode.

smartphones tricks

2. Go to Dialer of your phone.

smartphones tricks

3. Start typing the USSD code *#*#4636#*#*

smartphones tricks

4. A screen will appear like this. Then, click on the phone information.

smartphones tricks

5. Click on the fist option turn off radio (However its showing that means the feature is on).So, you just tap the option whenever you want.

smartphones tricks

6. Now you are all set to make calls even in airplane mode. when you don’t need it just off the radio option by dialing same. Share this ideas in between your friends and brag about it.


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2 Thoughts to “Here, How you can make calls even in Airplane Mode??”

  1. Saurav Dass

    That’s a very great option to do , I tried this and it was possible to make calls even in airplane mode.

    1. Amit Singh

      Thanks.Stay Updated!

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