6 Features of Youtube to use “Smartly”

These Features of Youtube! Surely You Don’t Know About These!!!

Youtube Features

We All Access Social Media Apps But Many times we are not Familiar with its Hidden Features.So, today we’re here to discuss about those.

Adjust the Speed of Videos

Adjust Playbacks in Youtube

Have you ever had the urge to slow down a YouTube video while you are watching any tutorial? You’ll be happy to know that you can do that next time.

Just go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then select ‘Speed.’ You have the option of slowing down the YouTube video by either 50% or 25% using this feature.You can also increase the speed of videos in the same manner on YouTube

 Linking to a Specific Playback Time

Link Specific Time In Youtube

Have you ever come across a very funny portion in a YouTube video and wanted to share that with a friend? You can save your friend the trouble of watching the entire YouTube by sharing it from exactly the point from where you want them to watch. This can be done by adding #t= to the end of the video URL.

Keep in mind that you must add the minute and the second too and ensure that the number of minutes should be followed by ‘m’ and second by ‘s.’

It would make the end of your URL look something like ‘#t=08m15s.’

Loop the Videos

Loop Videos in Youtube
If you right click on a video, you actually get plenty of options to choose from. You can copy video URL, copy the URL at current time, create loop, troubleshoot playback issues and more.

Customize Ad Prefrences

Customize Ad in youtube

Much like Google, YouTube also lets you control the ads that you see on the website.

You can’t get rid of them, but you can definitely customize them so that you get only the content that you are interested in.Just head to Ad Preferences on Google and remove whichever type of ads you don’t want to see.

Create GIFs

Create GIFs in Youtube

Do you love a part of a video and want to create a GIF from it? YouTube lets you do that. Just add the word ‘GIF’ before YouTube in the browser tab, so that it reads gifyoutube.com.

You get redirected to a page. It is here that you can select a portion of up to 15 seconds from the video to convert into a GIF.

Before you download the GIF, you also have the option of adding text and stickers.

Save Videos to Watch Later

Save Later in Youtube
Ever seen YouTube videos you wished you could bookmark for later? Maybe you aren’t able to turn the sound on at the moment, or perhaps you just don’t have time to watch it. Well, YouTube took a page out of Facebook’s … book … by adding something very similar to Facebook’s “Save For Later“feature. On YouTube, you can save videos to a “Watch Later” playlist to access whenever you want.

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