10,000 Feet Long Noodle Made Up in China

China has made 10,000 feet Long Noodle, Setups World Record


If you love instant Noodles, then this post is definitely for you. This world’s longest noodle is over 10,100 feet and not only this, it is entirely made by hand.

It is made of 40 kilograms of bread flour, 26.8 liters of water and 0.6 kilograms of salt. It weighs just 66kilograms.

Guinness World Records uploaded a video on YouTube where we can see chefs from a Chinese food company. They are combining the ingredients to make the enormous noodle. It took Guinness World Records’ official adjudicator John Garland three hours to measure the rolled out dough. Later, this giant noodle was cooked in a garlic, egg and tomato sauce and distributed to around 400 employees and their families.

You can see the video here,click on the link : Longest Noodle of China

“A long noodle is a symbol of long life in Chinese tradition, and the longest noodle record attempt was one way for the companyto wish the elderly a long and healthy life,” the company’s head of marketing told Guinness Officials.

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